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  • HiMalaya Air Wool Multi

    Wool blended Himalaya Air Wool Multi is a gradient chained yarn. It comes with beautiful shades to make your knitted pieces more elegant. This yarn is perfect for winter garments and home decor projects.
  • HiMalaya Dolphin Baby

    Himalaya Dolphin Baby is one of the most popular super soft 100% micro-polyester yarns out there. Ideal for baby clothes because the yarn is hypoallergenic. Perfect for blankets, sweaters, toys, or even home decor!
  • HiMalaya Rozetti Puzzle

    Puzzle Chunky is a quick to knit, irresistibly soft and attractive marble effect yarn. With a gorgeous shade range offers a mix of light and dark blends boasting rich and earthy tones or monochrome neutrals that call out to even … Read More
  • HiMalaya Sweet Roll

    Himalaya Sweet Roll is a medium weight yarn designed for hand knitting and crochet. Sweet Roll combines 3 colours in each ball and designed to create wide stripes in a regular repeat, creating all the excitement of working with multiple colours, without … Read More